Property Brothers and Income Property at the Home Show


This past weekend was the Fall Home Show at the Exhibition Centre. If you haven’t been before it’s basically everything you could imagine for your home from flooring, kitchens, air conditioning to landscaping, architects, builders – everything all under one roof.

I find these sorts of shows are great if you have a specific project, like renovating a kitchen and want to check out a few different options in a shorter time. If like us you are just having a look around, it can be somewhat overwhelming, I saw a couple of cool kitchens, and some nice bathrooms but I have no idea what companies they were!

What I think was the highlight is the main stage. They have different home experts on stage throughout the day. I made it just in time on Saturday to see the Property Brothers. I don’t know what it is, but it’s exciting to see people off TV in person. They gave a very general chat about looking for your first home, what your real estate agent should help you with and a little about renovations. The main message was a warning that things in real life will take a lot longer and cost a lot more than on their show. While the content wasn’t anything ground breaking they were very entertaining and showed a couple of amusing videos during their presentation too.

We also saw Behind The Scenes of Income Property. They didn’t have Scott but had the designer and contractor from the show. They were amazing! They gave lots of great tips about renovating for tenants, obviously a little different to renovating for your own home. The main idea though was to include some high end finishes to give the overall look of a higher end renovation without the cost. My favourite tip was to always have a fancy splashback in your kitchen, it attracts the eye and fancies up cheaper cabinetry and counters. They were also very generous in sharing the names of all the suppliers they use on the show.  Plus they were casting for their next series!  If you are in the GTA and want to apply click here.


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